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You own a BMW, one of the most luxurious cars in its segment. Its design and craftsmanship are on another level providing the feel of quality and making a statement that this is a premium car. As the owner of a BMW, you know the value of keeping up with maintenance and service to keep that premium driving experience. While repairs are eventually unavoidable, you don’t always want to pay that premium repair cost, but still require high-quality service of your BMW to maintain its performance. This is where Ethan’s Automotive comes in a seasoned BMW trained service shop as a professional alternative to taking your vehicle to the BMW dealership. Our smaller size means smaller overhead and cost which we pass on in lower service cost to our clients. 

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Front and Rear Suspension Diagnosis and Repair

Brake System Warning Diagnosis and Repair

Charging System Failure Diagnosis and Repair

Computer Programming and Coding

Transmission and Drive Train Fault Diagnosis and Repair

Engine Cooling System Failure Diagnosis and Repair

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the recommended maintenance schedule on most BMW's?

Depending on how and where you drive, the type of maintenance your BMW will require can vary.  Generally speaking, the following provides a solid maintenance schedule for most BMW cars and SAV's.:

  • Every 10,000 miles, or yearly: replace engine oil, oil filter, and coolant
  • Every 20,000 miles, or every two years: inspect and replace fuel filters
  • Every 30,000 miles, or every two years:
    • Replace brake fluid (after the first replacement, every 60,000 miles)
    • Replace transmission fluid on manual-transmission BMWs
  • Every 60,000 miles, or every six years:
    • Replace engine air filter and spark plugs
    • Inspect and replace brake pads and brake rotors, as necessary
    • Replace transmission fluid on automatic-transmission BMWs
  • Every 90,000 miles, or every nine years: replace timing belts and hoses

After 90,000 miles, repeat the above cycle, and always keep up your 5,000-mile basic maintenance structure.  It should be noted - BMW's New Vehicle Limited Warranty will expire at 50,000 miles, therefore, make sure you get covered repairs done before mileage expiration. 

What does an “Engine malfunction. Reduced power” message and a “Service engine soon” light shown on the display mean?

This message can be generated by several different failures, but as an example, a BMW 335i will have the 30FF fault code . This is related to the turbocharger boost pressure control system requiring a test of this system.  On the BMW 335i, the issue is frequently associated with an issue in the  turbocharger boost pressure.

A common repair as it relates to the BMW 335I is the replacement of the turbocharger’s control vacuum lines. Due to the extreme heat generated by this system, these lines due fail over time. Replace of the vacuum lines with a high quality original equipment (OE) or original equipment Manufacture (OEM) vacuum lines. This repair is relatively inexpensive and will get your vehicle back to optimal performance levels.

Can you perform an inspection on a used BMW I am thinking of purchasing?

Ethan's Automotive can perform a pre-purchase inspection of  late model and older model BMW's. We will provide you with insight of the condition of the vehicle and the most likely repairs needed to make the vehicle perform at  its optimal level, or advise you to avoid the purchase due to poor condition and a financially unwise purchase.

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